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Assisted Transportation Network Alberta
Today, the fastest growing demographic in Canada is individuals 80 and over. 1 in 6 people in Canada are over 65. It is not surprising that a lack of suitable transportation options has been identified as a significant barrier to aging in place, and poses great risk for isolation and decreased quality of life for older adults.
Keeping seniors’ mobile is a recognized need and initiative within the province of Alberta. The Aging Population Policy Framework identifies “access to safe, affordable, appropriate, and accessible transportation options” as key. Much work and research gone into the need for responsive transportation options outside of the public system.

For this reason, in early 2017, the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council and the Medically At-Risk Driver Centre began a project wherein we reached out to 50+ different agencies or organizations who either provide, rely on, or advocate for assisted transportation services (ATS) for older adults.  Our goal was to gain a current understanding of how well Edmonton and outlying areas are positioned to meet the growing demand for assisted transportation for seniors, which areas need attention, and how we can foster collaboration, in order to build capacity in this sector. 

Our findings included insight into the challenges seniors and their representatives face when accessing or using the current transportation services.  We learned the challenges and barriers that limit ATS providers from growing their offerings, specifically, how to sustain services when a big portion of the population you serve has restricted finances.  We learned about the policies and practices that govern the affordability and sustainability of ATS organizations. We heard suggestions of where change is needed to address the ATS needs of our language diverse population.  We learned that ATS providers need easily accessible, current and user friendly resources and research. Lastly, we were pleased to learn that ATS providers welcomed an opportunity to work with other stakeholders to find creative solutions.

To address the needs identified through our interviews with stakeholders, ESCC and MARD have developed this
Assisted Transportation Network Alberta – a community of practice wherein members can access relevant resources and research and come together to collaborate, share knowledge, and find solutions. This community of practice was launched in Edmonton with the ultimate goal of becoming an Alberta wide network supporting individuals across the province.

Support and sustain a network of transportation providers (and stakeholders) to collaborate and leverage collective resources to:
     - Assist providers with timely and convenient access to relevant information
     - Enable faster progress toward meeting critical transportation challenges/needs

​A community where all older adults are mobile. ​

The Founders

Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council

The ESCC is an umbrella organization that encourages coordinated actions of its members to continue to build an Age Friendly Edmonton and enhance the lives of all Edmonton seniors. ESCC supports and encourages shared planning, coordination and collaboration among senior-serving organizations in Edmonton. 
The Medically At-Risk Driver Centre

The MARD Centre is a research and knowledge translation centre at the University of Alberta that addresses the individual and public safety issues related to medically at-risk drivers as well as those individuals who no longer drive due to illness, disability, or who choose not to drive because of age-related changes. 

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Join our community of practice, as we bring together people who are committed to improving seniors assisted transportation. Together we can explore new possibilities, overcome transportation barriers, and find sustainable solutions. 

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