Assisted Transportation Showcase

Helping seniors with errands​​
Vo​lunteer drivers will take seniors wherever they need to go.  Seniors want and need to make multiple stops.
Assisting seniors when they are not steady on their feet
Whether it be for cognitive or physical reasons, having someone walk alongside a frail senior is vital. 
Volunteer drivers help seniors maintain an active and engaged life 
Providing appropriately  paced door through door services​
 Drive Happiness was the product of four senior service organizations working together to respond to the assisted transportation needs of seniors who have difficulty utilizing public and commercial transportation services.

Drive Happiness currently provides 1600+ rides per month to low resourced seniors living in and around the Edmonton area.  All rides are provided by screened, and trained compassionate volunteers.   Drive Happiness fills a major gap in the city's every growing assisted transportation needs.  This program is always in need of financial and volunteer support.  If you would like more information, please call 780-424-5438 or visit the website at
Having someone meet the senior at their door and walk them into their appointment can be crucial when cognition is an issue.