Getting Started

In this section, you will find resources to help you start and implement your assisted transportation service. Resources include relevant research & reports, toolkits, and information pertinent to starting a non-profit or a for-profit organization.

Getting Started with the Transportation Toolkit (MARD, 2016)

In 2016, the MARD Centre developed and launched the Transportation Toolkit with the goal of providing easily accessible and targeted information on implementing or expanding assisted transportation services. This Toolkit is a great resource to start with, as it aims to provide communities and organizations with the resources needed for the successful development and implementation of sustainable, responsive models of assisted transportation services. 

Sections in the Toolkit are:
- Getting Started
- Developing & Implementing a Project Plan
- Conducting a Community Transportation Needs Assessment
- Developing & Successfully Launching Your Transportation Service
- Receiving Feedback & Evaluating Your Transportation Service
- ​Building a Sustainable Transportation Service​​​
  Hard copies are available free of charge by contacting the MARD Centre at 780-492-6273 or [email protected]